About us

MyImmiTrackerwas launched on October the 1st 2015 with a goal of helping the immigrant community to fill-in-the-gap of not knowing when their visa would be issued.

MyImmiTrackeris a collaborative community project which allows immigrant applicants to enter and then track and analyze the progress of their applications.

Thousands of applicantsadd their application details on Immitracker therefore creating a very large pool of relevant to an applicant cases, some of cases have similar characteristics, such as date of submission, nationality visa type and others. Based on these characteristics users can filter cases and analyze the trends which allow them to conclude that their application will be soon processed – such visibility brings certainty.

MyImmiTrackergives you the platform to share, collaborate and analyze your case with many other similar applicants cases. Therefore, enabling you to be well informed on when you are about to get your visa.


  • Office address:10, Boulder Crescent, suite 204A , Colorado Springs, CO
  • Incorporated:MyImmiTracker, Inc as of May 2015