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Thank you, Aleksandr! I did see the information you sent, but my current application status is "Your action is required". Either way, I can't do anything about my application at the moment as all biometrics appointments are booked with an officer over the phone, so if they DO end up needing my biometrics again for some reason, they should be calling me. If my old biometrics are valid, then I will just wait until my application gets updated. I will definitely wait at least a month until I do anything about this. Also, I checked my biometrics status in the online checker and it says "expired", so maybe that's an issue? Not sure, but I will definitely update my application here or comment once I hear anything about my biometrics. Thank you!



Congrats my Russian friend with the first update. I have been watching you since you are also from Russia and applied through CEC. Here some info may not know: Foreign nationals are exempt from the biometrics collection requirement whether inside or outside Canada if they have both - a pending or new application for permanent residence - previously provided their biometrics within the 10-year period before the day on which they made the current permanent residence application Effective date The public policy, which supports the instructions, came into effect on September 10, 2020, and was operationalized on September 22, 2020, after changes were made to GCMS. It remains in effect until it is revoked by the Minister.


Aleksandr%20stepanovAleksandr Stepanov

Hi! No, I got a biometrics request letter. They have my biometrics on file because on my previous PR application but I guess they weren't considered for my new application.



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