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Reach millions of immigrants through targeted advertising

Promote your brand with premium placements and sponsorship opportunitiesacross our web and mobile channels, as well as our network of socialnetworks, newsletters and WhatsApp groups.

We offer three core advertising streams.

Text advertising.  Surface your content seamlessly across our own trackers and forums. Native advertising offer seamless integration into content that is relevant to your business.

Display advertising.  Secure premium display ad placement on our platforms properties, including the main page of You can also extend your reach across our network of social networks and forums.

Custom promotional programs.  Custom promotional programs include a combination of target text advertising, display advertising, editorial, social and direct e-mail campaigns. These programs are specifically designed to promote your service or product to primary target groups and offer brand-uplift up to 50%.

Benefits of advertising with us.  Reaching more than 300,000 unique users monthly, including immigrants to be, immigrants who in the process of migrating and those who are applying or renewing their visas or applying for citizenship. MyImmiTracker is an ideal way to send your message to the immigration community. We have a range of display ads available as well as editorial content placements.

Global Reach

  • 4,000,000+  Online Page Views*
  • 300,000+  Online Unique audience*
  • Canada, Australia, USA and New Zealand
  • 500,000+  Database Members
  • Our audience are highly engaged, with  60%  returning each month*
  • 42%  of our online traffic is from mobile devices*

*Average monthly value

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  • Office address: 10, Boulder Crescent, suite 204A, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Incorporated: MyImmiTracker, Inc as of May 2015