1214 - Supervisors, mail and message distribution occupations

NOC Skill Level B
Alternatives titles
  • Assistant postmistress
  • Postmaster
  • Postmistress
  • Assistant postmaster
  • Mail clerks supervisor
  • Supervisor, postal station
  • Postal clerks supervisor
  • Supervisor, postal clerks
  • Courier service supervisor
  • Postal workers supervisor
  • Supervisor, postal workers
  • Supervisor, mail clerks
  • Senior administrator, mail facilities
  • Postal station supervisor
  • Mail facilities senior administrator
  • Supervisor, letter carriers
  • Postmaster/mistress
  • Supervisor, mail and postal clerks
  • Mail and postal clerks supervisor
  • Mail carriers supervisor
  • Mail room supervisor
  • Supervisor, mail carriers
  • Messenger service supervisor
  • Supervisor, messenger service
  • Postal station employees supervisor
  • Supervisor, postal station employees
  • Assistant postmaster/mistress
  • Letter carriers supervisor

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