2145 - Petroleum engineers

NOC Skill Level A
Alternatives titles
  • Exploitation engineer - petroleum
  • Exploitation engineer - oil and gas
  • Oil and gas production engineer
  • Drilling and recovery chief engineer
  • Chief petroleum engineer
  • Drilling and recovery petroleum engineer
  • Petroleum engineer, drilling and recovery
  • Drilling engineer, oil and gas
  • Engineer, oil and gas drilling
  • Oil and gas drilling engineer
  • Engineer, petroleum
  • Petroleum engineer
  • Logging engineer, oil wells
  • Oil well logging engineer
  • Mud engineer
  • Chief engineer, drilling and recovery
  • Natural gas engineer
  • Production engineer, oil and gas
  • Engineer, petroleum well completion
  • Petroleum well completion engineer
  • Engineer, petroleum production
  • Petroleum engineer, production
  • Petroleum production engineer
  • Offshore drilling engineer
  • Offshore drilling rig subsea equipment engineer
  • Subsea equipment engineer, offshore drilling rig
  • Petroleum reservoir engineer
  • Reservoir engineer, petroleum
  • Well logging engineer
  • Mud engineer - petroleum drilling
  • Engineer, natural gas
  • Petroleum engineer, completion
  • Subsea engineer

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