2233 - Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and technicians

NOC Skill Level B
Alternatives titles
  • Programmer, cad/cam nc (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing, numerical control)
  • Cad/cam nc (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing, numerical control) programmer
  • Programmer, computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing, numerical control (cad/cam nc)
  • Programmer, cnc/cmm (computer numerically controlled coordinate measuring machine)
  • Computer numerically controlled coordinate measuring machine (cnc/cmm) programmer
  • Cnc/cmm (computer numerically controlled coordinate measuring machine) programmer
  • Quality control technician (except chemical)
  • Technologist, pulp and paper
  • Time study analyst
  • Quality assurance technologist
  • Quality control technologist (except chemical)
  • Scheduling technician - manufacturing
  • Technician, textile
  • Textile technician
  • Quality control technologist - industrial engineering
  • Technologist, quality control - industrial engineering
  • Textile technologist
  • Production technologist - sawmill
  • Time study technologist
  • Tool programming technologist
  • Cnc (computer numerical control) mastercam programmer
  • Computer numerical control (cnc) mastercam programmer
  • Programmer, cnc (computer numerical control) mastercam
  • Programmer, computer numerical control (cnc) mastercam
  • Technologist, textile
  • Plastics manufacturing technician
  • Manufacturing technician
  • Technician, manufacturing
  • Manufacturing technician - industrial engineering
  • Manufacturing technologist
  • Technologist, manufacturing
  • Materials handling technician
  • Methods designer
  • Numerically controlled machine tool programmer (except operators)
  • Operations research technologist
  • Planning technician
  • Pulp and paper technician
  • Plant layout technician
  • Pulp and paper technologist
  • Plastics moulding technician
  • Plastics technician
  • Technician, plastics
  • Production and quality control technologist
  • Production control technologist
  • Production planning technician
  • Industrial engineering technician
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing technologist
  • Cad/cam (computer-aided design/computer-assisted manufacturing) programmer
  • Technician, pulp and paper
  • Technician, planning
  • Fabric design technologist
  • Industrial engineering technologist
  • Computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacturing (cad/cam) programmer
  • Industrial engineering analyst
  • Manufacturing cost estimator
  • Fire protection technician - manufacturing
  • Technician, industrial engineering
  • Loss prevention technologist - manufacturing
  • Technologist, industrial engineering
  • Injection moulding technician
  • Programmer, computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacturing (cad/cam)
  • Numerically controlled tool programmer
  • Nc (numerical control) programmer
  • Cnc (computer numerical control) programmer
  • 3d cnc (computer numerical control) programmer
  • Cnc (computer numerically controlled) technologist
  • Programmer, computer numerically controlled coordinate measuring machine (cnc/cmm)
  • Inventory control technician
  • Cost estimator, manufacturing
  • Programmer, cad/cam (computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacturing)
  • Cad/cam programmer

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