2281 - Computer network technicians

NOC Skill Level B
Alternatives titles
  • Computer network technician
  • Supervisor, computer network technicians
  • Computer network technicians' supervisor
  • Local area network (lan) technician
  • Wan (wide area network) technician
  • Local area network (lan) operator
  • Lan (local area network) operator
  • System administrator
  • Network support technician
  • Network administrator
  • Supervisor, computer operations
  • Computer operations supervisor
  • Wide area network (wan) administrator
  • Wan (wide area network) administrator
  • Network support analyst
  • Lan (local area network) manager
  • Wide area network (wan) technician
  • Lan (local area network) technician
  • Local area network (lan) administrator
  • Lan (local area network) administrator
  • Data centre operator
  • Controller, network
  • Network controller
  • Digital computer operator
  • Master console operator, computer
  • Operator, network
  • Local area network (lan) manager
  • Tape librarian, computer
  • Server administrator
  • Web site administrator
  • Technician, internet web site
  • Internet web site technician
  • Computer tape librarian
  • Network operator
  • Technician, web
  • Web technician

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