4165 - Health policy researchers, consultants and program officers

NOC Skill Level A
Alternatives titles
  • Health educator
  • Consultant, home-care programs
  • Home-care programs consultant
  • Consultant, mental health programs
  • Health care consultant
  • Mental health programs consultant
  • Health care planner
  • Planner, health care
  • Officer, health policy development
  • Health care association program officer
  • Policy development officer, health
  • Health policy development officer
  • Planning consultant, health care
  • Consultant, health care planning
  • Drug and alcohol abuse consultant
  • Program officer, health care association
  • Health care program administration officer
  • Planning officer, child health care programs
  • Child health care programs planning officer
  • Coroner
  • Wellness consultant
  • Nursing home policy development officer
  • Consultant, drug and alcohol abuse
  • Wellness co-ordinator
  • Health program information analyst
  • Prevention officer - occupational health and safety
  • Planning co-ordinator, district health council program
  • Consultant, labour force planning - health sector
  • Labour force planning consultant - health sector
  • Dental health consultant
  • Health and social services institution accreditation officer
  • Health services researcher
  • Accreditation officer, health and social services institution
  • Health services program consultant
  • Wellness program co-ordinator
  • Clinical research associate
  • Clinical trials co-ordinator
  • Clinical research program manager
  • Health care planning consultant
  • Long-term care program consultant
  • Program officer, health promotion
  • Health care planning officer
  • Officer, health care planning
  • Planning officer, health care
  • Health care researcher
  • Researcher, health care
  • Health policy research analyst
  • Health services consultant
  • Health promotion program officer
  • Policy development officer, nursing homes
  • Health research officer
  • Nursing home guidelines development officer
  • Health and social services liaison officer
  • Liaison officer, health and social services
  • Health services research officer
  • Research officer, health services
  • Research analyst, health policy
  • Consultant, health care

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