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#case-77579 (arsalpervez)

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Date created
Last update
GCMS Notes ordered (if any)
e-APR AOR Date
Country of Residence
Number of Days
Current Status
Medical Passed
Biometrics Invitation Letter
BGS Last Change Status
Last BGS change Date
Principal applicant + dependents
PPR Date
Visa Office
Document Checklist
Additional Info (if any please specify)
Days from e-APR to PPR
Number of Days after AOR to Meds passed
Number of Days after Meds passed to PPR
Date Background check status is in: IP1
Date Background check NA(2)
Date Background check status is in: IP2
Days from AOR to IP1
Days to NA2 after IP1
Days to IP2 after NA2
Date Background check NA(3)
Days from IP2 to PPR
Employment Verification date (if any)
Additional Document Request Date (if any)
Days to PPR after Additional Document Request
Sponsored by Province (if PNP)
RPRF paid date
Days after RPRF fee to PPR
CRS Score
Security Screening
Security Screening Start Date
Days from Security Screening to PPR
11 July 2019
11 months ago
Not specified
United Arab Emirates
Medicals Passed
Next step is to conduct BG Check (NBG)
Copy of birth certificate or other equivalent document, Copy of the biographical data page of a passport or travel document, Digital Photo, Documents to prove marital status or relationship (i.e. Marriage certificate etc), Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report, Language test results, Medical examination confirmation, Police certificates, Proof of funds, Proof of studies, Proof of work experience, Use of a Representative form [IMM 5476]

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I have crossed 3 months over due now and there is absolutely no movement on my case either. It's like it hasn't been touched for months!!
Case 90987
Posted bySith%20lordSith Lord10 months
My AOR date was 22-Nov-2018, however I got married on 30-Nov-2018 and notified IRCC of my Marriage on 02-Feb-2019, as the registration documents in India take time to get processed. Before notifying IRCC of my marriage my Medical Status was : MEDICALS PASSED, however after my Wife is added to my Application the Medicals Status has changed to : YOU DO NOT REQUIRE A MEDICAL WE WILL LET YOU KNOW IF THIS CHANGES.
They are still reviewing my additional documents. My final application processing is already 2 months overdue. Now I have to change my job again and I am afraid when I will update this information, IRCC will again take a long time to process my information ... :( :(
Case 77579
Posted byArsalpervezarsalpervez11 months
Hey why the delay with your application? Do you have review required or under security screening?
Case 90987
Posted bySith%20lordSith Lord11 months

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