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Canadian e-APR Weekly round up report June 11th 2017

Written on 11 June 2017 BY

Quick weekly round-up:

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Passport Request by month this year up to date: 


Passport Request by month June up to date: 


Statuses by the month of submission up to date: 


Statuses by day of submission for January: 
*PNP Inland and Outland are almost non touched, a lot of cases are not active as people just not getting any kind of update from CIC (the same also applies to December 2016) 


Statuses by day of submission for February: 
*Please note CEC and FSW outland/inland have been processed actively this is especially true for CEC. PNP Outland/Inland are also remain pretty much untouched. 

Statuses by day of submission for March: 

Statuses by day of submission for April: 
*Please note we have seen some quick Passport Requests (~65 days) this months. Which is a positive sign. 

Statuses by day of submission for May: 

Source for these reports:

Average waiting time to PPR By STREAM: 

Source for this reports:

Cheers everyone and enjoy the weekend (for some its a long weekend)!

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