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Wages of immigrants are on the rise

Written on 21 January 2022 BY

Immigrant wages have been trending upward around 10% in recent years, according to a new study by Statistics Canada.

Immigrants who became permanent residents in 2018 earned a median salary of $31,900 in 2019, the highest of any group who came to Canada since 1981. This is also about 4% higher than what immigrants who came to Canada in 2017 earned in 2018. However, it was still nearly 18% below the median wage of $38,800 for Canadian-born workers in 2019. 

Looking only at the main applicants of the economic class immigration program, the median salary in 2019 was higher than that of the Canadian-born population. Those immigrants who came to Canada in 2018 earned a median salary of $43,600.  A year later, more than 12% higher than Canada’s median salary of $38,800 for the same year.

“Principal applicants in the economic categories are selected for their ability to integrate into the Canadian labour market and to contribute to the economy,” the  Statistics Canada report says. “Most have post-secondary education and knowledge of at least one official language.”

Having pre-immigration experience in Canada appears to have a positive impact on wages, as it provides immigrants with the means to improve their language skills and knowledge of the Canadian labour market.


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